Film Making


Architects: Spaceart, Calicut
Duration: 4.50min | Architecture Documentary

Nirvrithi unveils the conservational take on a 150-year-old colonial bungalow in Kerala that was untouched for several decades. This Kerala State Award-winning bungalow touched our souls with its vernacular materials and excellent climate control features.

  • Silver Leaf – IIA Kerala State Award 2021
    Category – Conservation

Sister Lini Memorial Bus Bay

Architects: Spaceart, Calicut
Duration: 2.22min | Architecture Documentary

Sister Lini Memorial Bus Bay is a tribute to Mrs. Lini who passed away during her honorable medical service in the 2021 Nipah Virus outbreak. The bus bay is composed of an earthy color palette reflecting peace and prayers to the 17 fighters who lost their lives to the virus.

  • Golden Leaf – IIA Kerala State Award 2021
    Category – Responsible Architecture

Home Decor for Josy & Deepthi

Client: Cedar Home Store
Duration: 2.24min | Commercial Video

Cedar Home Store is an all-in-one destination for decorating your residential spaces and weekend homes. Our film for Cedar Store is a visual tale of Josy and Deepthi’s home decor experience with their smashing contemporary pieces.

Schimmer Auto Detailing

Client: Schimmer Auto Detailing
Duration: 3.59min | Commercial Video

Schimmer Auto Detailing will awe you with its high-definition car detailing services including Nano Technology. Being Kerala’s largest auto detailing showroom, we broke down their impressive amenities with a creative film for the creative vision you own!

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